The Westlands Board of Directors is comprised of nine directors who manage and conduct the business and affairs of the District. Board elections are held every two years, and Directors are elected to four-year terms of office. Each landowner in the District is allowed one vote for each dollar's worth of land to which he/she holds title. To serve on the Board, a Director must be either a landowner in the District, a legal representative of a landowner, or a designated representative of a landowner. The Board meets on the third Tuesday of each month except on Holidays. Board meetings are open to the general public. Agenda and minutes available.

Board Member Term of Office
Don Peracchi, President 2013-2017
Daniel Errotabere, Vice President 2013-2017
Frank Coelho, Jr. 2011-2015
Gary Esajian 2013-2017
Larry Enos 2011-2015
Sarah Woolf 2013-2017
Alan Sano 2011-2015
Todd Neves 2011-2015
Jim Anderson 2013-2015
Committee Assignments

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